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Dynamic Predictables LLC,   Columbia, MO 65205-1365, USA       dynapred@dynapred.com   tele +1.573.815.0520                        multi-year, site-specific and regional climate prediction                 

A paragraph each on several key people:  

Gregg Suhler, as a founding and present Managing Member, has drawn upon a combination of education, leadership experiences, public service and business experiences to help advance the Dynamic Predictables mission.  Gregg earned B.S. (Colorado State U) and M.S. (U Illinois) in physics.  During 1977-79 as one of the official founders and national leaders of the American Agriculture Movement (AAM), Mr. Suhler was fortunate to learn broadly and with occasional depth about America and American agriculture.  Then, serving as a White House Fellow on the White House Domestic Policy Staff in 1979-80, Mr. Suhler worked on agricultural and rural overlaps of rail and truck reregulation through the respective 1980 Acts and also alternative energy.  Mr. Suhler was also the White House's point man during the 1980 heat and drought. In the 1988 Ford-Carter American Agenda project to advise the incoming president, Mr. Suhler was cited through involvement in both agriculture and environment (global change and climate) task forces.  As a 'Japan Fellow' in 1988-89 Mr. Suhler lived incountry six months learning about Japan and Asia.  From 1988-2000 Mr. Suhler worked in management at the University of Missouri branch of the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI).  While at MU, Mr. Suhler was involved in the formation and early years' development of the Rural Policy Research Institute (RUPRI).  An underlying theme in Mr. Suhler's life has been to bring scientific knowledge in service to decision-makers and action-takers.   

Doug OBrien, a partner and Director of Research, brings to Dynamic Predictables a varied background in the diverse fields of climatology research, applied geophysics, scientific instrumentation and archaeology.  Doug received his Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley in Engineering Science in 1965 and commenced a 12-year sojourn in the then embryonic "Silicon Valley" working on various airborne and ground geophysical instrumentation design projects. Moving to Colorado, he co-founded 2 companies that conducted airborne geophysical surveys in countries as diverse as Fiji, Japan, Libya, Zambia, Australia, Canada and the US. In 1988, he accepted a Visiting Professorship at the Federal University in Para, Brazil where he taught and conducted research in geophysics. While there, he became interested in climate variability and predictability and published numerous papers on these topics.  In 1993 he joined a research group in climate and resource prediction (FAPRI) at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Doug is a co-founder of Dynamic Predictables and presently lives in Columbia, Missouri.

Al Peterlin has a varied and diverse environmental background. He earned a BS in Atmospheric Dynamics from the University of Oklahoma and then served as an active duty officer in the United States Air Force. After leaving active duty, Al was employed by the National Weather Service for almost 26 years. Al received a Master's Degree in Climatology from Purdue University in 1981. While in the NWS, Al served in positions as varied as weather forecaster, agricultural forecaster, Disaster Preparedness Hydrologist, NEXRAD Hydrologist, Deputy Division Hydrologist and finally as Supervisory Meteorologist, Deputy Program Manager for AWIPS. Throughout this period, Al remained in the Air Force Reserves, serving at the Pentagon and in interesting assignments around the world, finally retiring at the grade of Lt. Col in 1995. From  January 1996 to December 31, 1999, Al was Chief Meteorologist for the United States Department of Agriculture, serving as primary spokesperson for the Secretary of Agriculture on environmental issues facing the Department. He has testified before Congress and appeared on most major national television and radio news programs.
Al was deeply involved in the modernization programs of the NWS and initiated an innovative modernization program at USDA enabling USDA to acquire all of the operational capabilities of  AWIPS like systems using lower end computers, advanced communication capabilities and cost saving innovative approaches. Al is an internationally recognized expert on issues of weather, climate and agriculture.   

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